Ancient Mines of  Kitchi-Gummi

Mines Were Much too Ancient

Dating Problem

Carbon Dating of the Ancient Mines of Lake superior (Kitchi-Gummi) are much older than would be expected.

Ten such dates run from 2470 BC to 1050 BC.

No developed cultures were here to use the copper. In addition the copper is missing.

Carbon Dates from Isle Royale 

Minong Site Copper Mine 2470 BC and 2450 BC. 

Lookout Site Copper Mine 2460 BC.

Minong Site Copper Mine 1850 BC, 1510 BC, 1410 BC, 1370 BC, 1360 BC, and 1050 BC.

Siskiwit Site Copper Mine 1420 BC

Language  Evidence of a Second Culture.

The Newberry Tablet

The Newberry Tablet was discovered just north of Newberry, Michigan in November 1896. It was photographed and the photo was sent to the Smithsonian Institute. They stated they did not know what it was.

It has since been discovered that it is written in an ancient script known as a Cypriot Minoan Syllabary (left picture). To find this ancient syllabary in Michigan when it disappeared from the Mediterranean in about 500 BC is just like finding a finger print of the Minoan Traders. 

No Motive Without Trade

Copper Culture

The ancient Copper culture was made up of  hunter gather people. They had no motive to remove large chunks of pure copper. 

Some of these copper chunks weighed as much as 6000 pounds.

Copper Artifact Proofs of a Second Culture




Equinox Mark Evidence


Eye of God symbol and the Crevasse in which it is found. This is located in Canada on the north shore of Lake Superior.

Copper Snake Artifact

This Copper Snake was discovered in the Nippissing Beaches a few miles west of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. These beaches were laid down by the Glacial Lake Nippissing Stage of Lake Superior and date to 1500 BC. This is only one of the Minoan/Canaanite symbols found among copper culture artifacts.


Stone Chamber

This chamber is oriented towards the winter solstices. Only about 100 feet away is a second chamber oriented towards the Equinox. They are both constructed with cobael construction methods.

Dolmen Evidence 


Stone chamber found in New York 




Sawbill Dolmen

The dolmen on the cover is found in the Superior National Forest. It marks the lake where you cross over the divide from the St. Lawrence River system into The Hudson Bay drainage.




New Evidence

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New DNA Evidence 

Recent research in the Genome Project and other DNA studies have shown an X marker gene that is in the Algonquian speaking people but not in Asia. This new marker is however, found in the eastern Mediterranean, Spain and western Europe. This implies some contact from these areas thousands of years ago. 

Drug Evidence

The drugs Nicotine and Cocaine have been found in mummies from Egypt. These plants are only native to the Americas.

Diffusionists are delighted with the new evidence.